How we work

We approach each project in a comprehensive way. The development process is divided into the following stages:

Business analysis

  • thorough assessment of customer’s needs;
  • compiling information about customer’s requirements;
  • compiling information about customer’s requirements;
  • assessing a solution in place (if there is one).

Functional design

  • compiling functional and non- functional requirements;
  • drawing up a Functional Requirements Specification;
  • development of a functional plan, i.e. a clickable design model;
  • testing the website for user experience prior to the deployment stage.

Designing graphics

  • delivering graphic design for all unique pages of the website;
  • developing a visual strategy;
  • creative sessions.


  • deployment of agreed functionalities;
  • running internal acceptance and performance tests;
  • deployment into production;
  • high quality of code.

Maintenance and improvement

  • ensuring the continuity of application’s operation;
  • enriching an application with new functions;
  • streamlining solutions already in place.