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  A number of projects we have delivered are of a confidential nature, so this website discloses only a part of information about our customers and solutions. Trust and respect make up foundations for building long-term relationships with customers.


  • “We appreciate the high quality of service, effective communication and timeliness”

    Marta Machalska

    Seka.edu Sp. z o. o.

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  • “Based on our previous cooperation, we recommend Mediaflex as a trustworthy partner and provider of IT services.”

    Radosław Stasiak

    Morele.Net Sp. z o. o.

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  • “We recommend Mediaflex as an experienced and competent provider of dedicated e-commerce solutions”

    Janusz Słup


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  • “I would recommend your company Mediaflex as an experienced and reliable partner”

    Sylwia Pachota-Rura

    Megnet sj.

    see details
  • “The final outcome meets our expectations and the needs of our store’s customers. We were provided with expert support”

    Dorota Kalwasińska

    Laboris Farma

    see details
  • „We couldn’t have been more pleased with their IT support and outsourcing service”

    Wojcieh Zając, Dave Rosen


    see details
  • “We have been provided with a professionally developed application and timely IT support”

    Robert Ochwat

    Biuro Podróży Olimp

    see details
  • “The assignment has been completed successfully and with great care by a friendly and professional team. We recommend them as a trustworthy partner”

    Magdalena Winiecka

    Scan Anida Sp. z o. o.

    see details
  • “A professional expert on innovative and effective web solutions. A reliable and trustworthy partner”

    Paweł Koziara

    Marketingowiec Sp. j.

    see details
  • “We were provided with support by a professional and friendly team. We recommend them to everybody on the lookout for functional solutions and great customer service”

    Joanna Karpowicz

    NoHau Studio

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  • “Professionalism and reliability at all stages of our cooperation. This company guarantees high quality of services”

    Grzegorz Nowak

    Melle Sp. z o. o.

    see details
  • “Professionalism at work and high quality of services provided. I want to recommend this company to anybody looking for trustful business partners in the IT sector”

    Lorenz Wűrgler

    MoneyBookers Welken House

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