MediaForm is an app for carrying out quick and efficient, online and offline surveys on tablets.

Administration Panel allows user to efficiently manage the app and surveys. Within this panel, a lot of changes can be introduced.

Chosen features of MediaForm:

  • Multiple surveys can be carried out at the same time
  • Many options for creating the surveys: opened and closed questions, comments for questions
  • Managing the surveys: creating, editing, archiving
  • Assigning individual surveys to chosen group of pollsters
  • Statistics of surveys and pollsters
  • Exporting the results for analysis
  • Archives

Possible uses of the app

  • Trade shows (organizers and exhibitors)
  • Conferences (opinion polls of attendees)
  • Market research and public opinion polls (Centres Public Opinion Poll)
  • Marketing research (Centres Public Opinion Poll, Interactive and Advertising Agencies, Brand Managers)
  • Product research (Sales Representatives, Salesmen)

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